ICC’s core business

To be active as the supplier and distributor through her affiliated companies, in Europe, CIS Countries, Africa, GCC Countries, making her the ideal institute for providing financial and operational services, both to the clients as well as the global suppliers, specially in view of the existing complications associated with the foreign trades between Developing Countries and the International sales channels in terms of L/Cs and payments terms, documentations, logistics, etc. 
Our way of success

Our way of success

An endless global network of potential producers and suppliers of the Industrial products and Machineries, assisted by a number of prominent financial institutes, and well experienced operating divisions, all being expanded and updated on daily bases, are offering a unique marketplace.
Unlike many B2B Traders who are only bulletin services for e- commerce businesses and only post buy and sell trade leads, we are actively involved in e- commerce, Retail, listing, Payment, Import, Export, Distribution, Know How, Consultation and in general all aspects of today’s Industrial requirements.
In many cases our suppliers are also our clients and our clients would become our suppliers, for the deliveries of their own needed products, or financial assistance of their running projects and any other assistance they may required.
In general, once an inquiry is received, it will be distributed among our network of suppliers, and our operating teams will make sure of receiving the right response with the most suitable offers. Clients would then be notified almost immediately and will be followed by our operating teams, until their requirements are fulfilled, whether it will be a simple commercial assistance and/or the financial aid, and all the way full purchase and deliveries of the products.
There are endless possibilities, all being presented by the most efficient and reliable Producers and Executive Teams.