ICC’s core business

To be active as the supplier and distributor through her affiliated companies, in Europe, CIS Countries, Africa, GCC Countries, making her the ideal institute for providing financial and operational services, both to the clients as well as the global suppliers, specially in view of the existing complications associated with the foreign trades between Developing Countries and the International sales channels in terms of L/Cs and payments terms, documentations, logistics, etc. 
Food Industries

Food Industries

Food industry is the complex, global collective of diverse businesses that together supply much of the food energy consumed by the world population. From farming and food production, packaging and distribution, to retail and catering.
We are mainly concern in Food processing, the methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for human consumption
we are acting as supplier and distributor of raw materials, machinery, know how, finished products for food processing industries with mass production, for example Biscuit
Sweet & Cake
Canned Foods
Chewing Gum
Cola-Soft Drink- Beverages
Dried Fruit - Vegetables
Dried Nuts & Legume
Flour & Floury Products
Additive Materials-Spices
Fresh Vegetable & Fruit
Frozen Food
Fruit Juice
Hazelnut -Pistachio- Walnut
Industrial Cooling
Olive & Olive Oil
Potato -Onion- Garlic
Ready Food
Tea & Coffee
Tomato Paste
Vegetable Oil & Margarine
Water & Mineral Water
and in general any product that passes from one stage of production to another along a production line.