ICC’s core business

To be active as the supplier and distributor through her affiliated companies, in Europe, CIS Countries, Africa, GCC Countries, making her the ideal institute for providing financial and operational services, both to the clients as well as the global suppliers, specially in view of the existing complications associated with the foreign trades between Developing Countries and the International sales channels in terms of L/Cs and payments terms, documentations, logistics, etc. 
PE & PP Bags

PE & PP Bags

Polypropylene & HDPE Tubular or Circular Woven sacks, bags, and fabrics are used in packing food grains, sugar, salt, seeds, cattle feed, fish meal, branded products, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, cement, urea, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber, etc. These bags can be tailored according to the requirements of the clients to any shapes and sizes by weaving and swing various fibrillated and tapes and multifilament yarns and can also be printed on customized bases..
We are associated with the biggest and most advanced manufacturer and exporter of P.P. bags with annual production capacity of 10000 tones of various kinds of Circular and Flat Woven Fabrics, being converted to Sacks, bags and fabrics, unprinted or printed in any colour. We provide UV Stabilized sacks for outdoor storage protection, with valves or spout for automatic filling, and lamination with PE liner.
The production consists of circular bags from 20 up to 210 cms for packagings in agricultural industries, mines, petrochemical products, and other industries such as packaging of flour, cereals, sugar, gypsum, cement, etc.
Our major products are:
-Circular bags from 20 cms up to 210 cms
-Sack cloth from 40 cms up to 420 cms
-Laminated bags for packaging of petrochemical products and fertilizers
-Composite bags with paper and aluminum foil in-layer for packing of gypsum and cement and similar industrial products.
-Two layer sack, including polyethylene or paper in-layer with printing for packaging of fertilizers and sugar industries and petrochemical industries.
-Jumbo bags with capacity of 250 up to 2000 kgs for packing used in petrochemical industries and mines.
-Rachel bags for packing of potatoes, onions, and other agricultural products.
-Circular fabric rolls from 20 cm up to 210 cm in various length meters.
-Various fibrillated and tapes and multifilament yarns for weaving, sewing , etc.
-Various kinds of weaving belts from 20 up to 80 mm for sacks and jumbo bags.

Jumbo bags are the improvement in packaging goods for ports to ports & factories and stores transportation and storeges. Jumbo bag stores up to 2000 kgs without wastes and weight reduction. They are divided in Valve types, used for mineral and industrial powders and Pallet types and Pallet type, used for 20 to 50 kgs bags.